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Murcia, Spain (remote)


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Web technologies

Microservices / Enterprise Applications

Cross-platform development

Hybrid / Mobile / Desktop

Software and development process quality

DevOps / Continuous Integration / Agile development


Open Source

Linux / MIT / GNU


Collaborative environment / CICD

Iterative and agile methods

Scrum / Iterative-incremental

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Professional experience

Software engineer / Autentia Real Business Solutions

April 2022 - Current

I am a member of the development team for the Inditex branch.

Software engineer / Bidea Avant SL

September 2021 - March 2022

I was a member of the development team of different software solutoins provided by the company. The stack used to develop the tools is based on NodeJS technologies (Typescript and Javascript):

  • NodeJS stack
    • Web applications using express JS 4
    • Angualr 12 and AngularJS
    • Testig using jasmine
  • CI/CD tools
    • Gitlab: GIT, pipelines, boards
    • Docker
  • Databases
    • SQL Server
    • MongoDB
    • Redis

Software engineer / Digital Content Production Center (CPCD), University of Cartagena

December 2018 - September 2021

During my time at UPCT, I was part of the Erasums+ Project called INDIeProject. I worked as a software architect designing and implementing tools that are required by the project needs.

I was part of the development team of the following open-source software solutions:

  • INDIe Editor: An authoring tool for transform teachers into authors of e-learning content.
  • INDIe Open: An accesible web repository of content units created by the INDIeAuthor tool.

I used the following technologies to develop the software tools:

  • INDIe Editor
    • Javascript + SCSS + HTML5 + Gulp
    • Typescript 4.2 with NodeJS, Express JS 4 and Overnight JS
    • Open source project: INDIeAuthor
  • INDIeOpen
    • Databases: MySQL8 and MongoDB 4
    • Backend technologies: Spring Boot 2.3.5 + Spring Cloud
    • Frontend technologies: Angular 12 + Bootstrap 4
    • Development methodologies: Test-driven development, iterative-incremental
    • Azure DevOps: Git, Azure pipelines

In addition to the INDIe tools, I was part of the development team of the iaVideo tool, which allows developers to create and play interactive videos inside a webpage.

  • iaVideo
    • HTML5 + SCSS + Javascript
    • Javascript library

Research and development / Computer Science Faculty, University of Murcia

October 2017 - November 2018

During my time at Universidad de Murcia, I worked as member of the research and development staff of Green in Software Systems and Engineering (GINSENG) project, where two publications were made:

In addition to a research role, I developed software tools and applications to meet the project needs using the following software technologies:

  • J2EE applications
    • JSF2 + JPA 2.1
    • Integration with LimeSurvey API
    • Java Jax-RS 1.19 RESTful API
  • PHP web applications
    • PHP 5.6 + Symfony 3.4

In collaboration with the group, I work as a main developer for the mobile app called Apperro, which is based on my degree final project.

  • Apperro™ mobile app
    • Ionic Framework 3
    • Java Jax-RS 1.19 + JPA 2.1
    • Google Maps Integration
    • Firebase Cloud Messaging

Software developer / Smartway Studio S.L

June 2015 - July 2017

During my time at Smartway Studio I worked as a software analyst and developer in web applications projects and mobile web applications. As a software engineer I used different technologies and played different roles:

  • Web Applications developer (full-stack developer)
    • .NET MVC Framework + EF6
    • Java J2EE + JPA 2.1 + AngularJS
    • AngularJS + Sails JS
  • Cross-platform mobile app developer
    • Ionic Framework (v1, v2)
    • Appcelerator
  • REST WebServices
    • Jersey Jax-RS (1.19)
    • .NET Web API
    • WCF Services
  • CMS Manager
    • Wordpress
    • Woocommerce
    • Prestashop

Trainee / Steria Group

February 2014 - April 2014

During my time as a trainee at Steria Group I participated in the development of a web portal using Liferay Inc platform. I completed web styling tasks, business logic implementation tasks and social media integration tasks.

Academic formation

University Expert in Devops & Cloud

2021 Unfinished International University of La Rioja

Master in New Technologies in Computer Science (Software mention)

2017 - 2018 9.78 Computer Science Faculty, University of Murcia

Master in Software Technologies.

  • Highlighted marks
    • Current Trends in Web - 10 HM
    • Model Driven Software Development - 9.9
    • Software Quality - 10 HM
  • Master Thesis
    • Definition of an agile method of reuse requirements based on SIREN - 9.9
    • Web Tool to support the agile method using Pippo Web Framework + JPA 2.1 + JTwig

Computer Science Degree

2009 - 2016 7.4 Computer Science Faculty, University of Murcia

Graduated in Computer Science Degree at Software Engineering mention.